About us

From one sneakerhead to another, we welcome you to the Shoe Stack community. Where we strive to encapsulate the beauty of streetwear culture and foot-fashion. 2020 marks the beginning of the ShoeStack journey and since then we have been off the mark with aspirations to manifest our own lane within the footwear scene. Our message is simple, we are sneaker enthusiasts that provide unique and innovative sneaker accessories, FOR sneaker enthusiasts!

Our HQ is firmly gripped in Edinburgh UK, although we have a strong desire to reach out to our global community and distribute products internationally. We are devoted to offering a range of sneaker accessories that are easily accessible for all. In other words, no L’s ‘round here!

We see all too often within the streetwear scene, that product quality is often overshadowed by branding. A concept, we for one, deem no wish to be a part of. Quality is paramount. When you buy a ShoeStack product, rest assured you know that it has been manufactured using only the best materials to fully fulfil its purpose and exceed your expectations. When it comes down to our flagship product, the ShoeStack Sneaker Box, this statement couldn’t ring truer. We boast ourselves on delivering the best clear-front shoe box currently available on the market – seriously, no laces attached!

Here at ShoeStack, we are excited about the future, what it holds and the impact we can make on the sneaker community. Like you, not only do we keep up to date with current trends, but we aim to predict what will be the next big wave and pioneer new accessories using an innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Whether you’re a hypebeast, collector, reseller or just the average consumer, we’ve got you covered for all your sneaker accessory needs – from your beaters to your holy grails!

Watch this space…

Shoe Stack Ltd.

Here at shoestack we plant a tree for every order we receive on our website. Check out our virtual forest by clicking the image below.

sustainability pledge planting trees for shoes