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  • Smart wifi extension Leadsmart wifi extension display -29% Off

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    Introducing our WiFi Extension Cable, the perfect solution for powering your home appliances and LED boxes.

    This extension cable offers remote control through the app, energy monitoring, and scheduling capabilities, as well as Alexa and Google Home compatibility. With built-in safety features such as leakage and overload protection switch, surge protection, and effective energy absorption, you can enjoy safe and energy-saving operation for your peace of mind.


    • Max load of 13A
    • 4 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports
    • USB output of DC 5V/3.1A
    • Cable length of 1.8m
    • Input/output voltage of AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
    • WIFI Standard of 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n

    This cable is the perfect match for our Sound Activated LED boxes & Wooden Led Cabinets allowing up to 10 crates to be powered for each outlet (40 in total). Enjoy even more control over your LED boxes with remote control through the app, energy monitoring, and scheduling features.


  • Wifi Plug ControllerWifi Plug Controller

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    Smart WiFi Plug: Enhance Your LED Shoe Box Control

    • Our smart WiFi plug is safe and easy to set up, with automatic overload shutdown and flame-retardant material.
    • Control your home appliances with simple voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant.
    • Remotely control your devices from anywhere, anytime using the free app on your mobile phone.
    • Energy monitoring feature helps you track power consumption and save money on your electricity bill.
    • Customize schedules for your devices to turn on/off automatically at specific times of the day.
    • Enhance the functionality of your LED shoe boxes with this innovative and convenient smart plug.
    • 2.4 Ghz Wifi Frequency – 16A