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  • shoe tree main displayadjustable shoe tree - 27 % Off

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    Keep your shoes protected when they are on display with our adjustable shoe tree bundle! 20 pairs of shoe trees.

    Adjustable shoe trees are an essential for any sneaker collection. Our Bundle contains x20 pairs of shoe trees.

    • Bundle includes 20 pairs of adjustable shoe trees
    • Designed to help maintain shape and prevent creasing
    • Absorbs moisture and reduces odor
    • Extends the life of your shoes
    • Improves fit of certain styles
    • Fully adjustable to fit shoe sizes UK2-UK12
    • Made from durable materials
    • Save 15% by purchasing this bundle
    • Perfect companion to our shoe storage boxes
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    Sneaker Head Bundle – 10 Crates, 10 Pairs Shoe Trees, 60 Cleaning Wipes – Perfect Gift

    Introducing the ultimate shoe storage bundle for sneaker enthusiasts – the ShoeStacks Sneaker Head Gift Bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to keep your collection organized, protected, and looking its best.

    • 10 crates for storage and display (choose from clear or black, side or front view)
    • 10 pairs of adjustable shoe trees (select size)
    • 60 shoe cleaning wipes

    Save money and get everything you need to take care of your shoes with this bundle. Perfect gift idea for any sneaker enthusiast.