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How to stop your Jordans or Air Forces Creasing

What is a Sneaker Shield?

ShoeStack Sneaker Crease Guards come in pairs of two per each order – this is for 1 trainer each.  The shields are used to stop your new trainers from creasing in any way!

A Crease Stopper is a thin plastic foot mould that you place inside your trainers while you wear them. The purpose of the Crease Stoppers is to stop excessive bending of the foot to reduce the chance of creases forming. Does exactly what it says on the tin right! However, despite being very effective, there is a trade-off, and that my fellow sneakerheads is comfort. Due to the nature of the material used, it will very rigid and therefore there is a slight trade off with comfort!

That’s it! that’s our advice to you on how to prevent or stop creases from ruining your trainers faster than they should. But let us know your tips and tricks on how to prevent creases, just leave a comment below or tell through social media.

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