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Why Every Sneakerhead Needs the Shoe Stack Sneaker Box!

You don’t have to be a sneakerhead, hypebeast or OG collector, to understand that your kick game is more than just shoes. Every shoe has a history, story and an emotion attached to it. It’s only right then to think of your sneakers almost as a piece of art that can be showcased amongst your prized possessions and kept in prime condition. If you can relate to this, the chances are you’re like us and have a passion for anything foot fashion.  Here we take a look at the main shoe accessory that should be on your radar in 2021! The Only Shoe Box you will need to display your shoes in style.

The Shoe Stack Sneaker Box

To the untrained eye, it’s easy to think that shoe damage only occurs when you are outside wearing your kicks. But did you know that your shoes can deteriorate overtime right in front of your very eyes as they sit indoors. The emergence of sneaker boxes has revolutionised the way we store, maintain and showcase our creps. With many options available, it’s sometimes challenging to identify a sneaker box that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing and pocket friendly. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered – look no further than the high-quality Sneaker Crate from Shoe Stack.

Using a magnetic interlocking feature, these clear front-drop or side-drop boxes offer easy access to your kicks, whilst keeping them free of dust, dirt and other harmful factors. Unique designs and innovative technology allow the shoe storage box to boast a repellent from harmful UV damage. An impressive feature which will fight against colour fading and material deterioration. Shoe Stack are proving to excel in their own lane as they also offer the shoe storage boxes in a range of various colours, suitable for any set-up. Top-tip, the fully transparent side-drop option is a fan-favourite for gallery-style sneaker displays, but the boxes can be mixed and matched to suit your storage needs.

Shoe maintenance aside, these sneaker boxes arrive with a transparent window and unique stacking feature which allows you to get creative with your set-up and showcase your collection. With sneaker storage boxes growing immensely popular amongst crep influencers and YouTubers, it is all too common to find new and exciting custom sneaker set-ups to replicate. 

Other shoe storage boxes and containers often find limitations in terms of sizing. However, the Shoe Stack Sneaker Box is more than capable of storing high top sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1 High or women’s high heel shoes for example, whilst not looking too bulky. They are also designed to be a lot sturdier than most boxes and can support up to 100kg in weight making them like part of the furniture!

Whether you seek to flex on a friend or two, or simply save a little space, the Shoe Stack Sneaker Box is sure to fulfil your shoe storage needs. Be sure to keep up to date with our future blogs as Shoe Stack are set to make big waves within the sneaker and trainer scene.

Thanks, Fellow Sneaker Heads and Shoe Lovers

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Author: Michael Akinyemi


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