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Would you cop a Nike Air Jordan x Hugo Boss collab? This sneakerhead would!

To kick off our Community Stack ‘Em Series, we chat to Marketing Director Jose Lok (@snkr_lok) about his collection, funny sneaker memories and find out his dream sneaker collaboration.

Tell us who you are and what you do? 

My name is Jose Lok and I’m a 46yr old who behaves like he was 18 again. Married with a 5yr old son and currently a Marketing Director in the Electronics Industry.

Born and bred in Cardiff, staunch follower and season ticket holder of Cardiff City FC, residing in North Hampshire. Besides collection sneakers, I’m a big fan of MMA and coach Under 6/7s rugby. 

How did you get into sneakers? 

It began when I started playing basketball around the age of 15 – we took it fairly seriously back then, representing one of the local clubs in Cardiff, the local Leisure Centre team as well as for the School/College.

I was watching the NBA on TV, more because my brother was obsessed with the Knicks at the time around the late 80s and I couldn’t support the same team as my brother, so I chose the Chicago Bulls. I remember when they drafted Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant and they started to become far more competitive.

My basketball mates were supporting teams like the Lakers and the Celtics at the time, so I used to get teased for supporting the Bulls… until the 1990 season.

Do you remember your first pair? 

This leads me on to my first ever pair of Air Jordan sneakers – where it all began – the Air Jordan 5 Fire Reds.

“I’ve actually commissioned a company called The Brick People to create a replica shoe, out of Lego, to commemorate the occasion.”

There’s a sad and funny story to this shoe though as I never actually got to wear it on the court (something this current generation wont be able to comprehend, but I bought Jordan sneaks to wear ON THE COURT) or even out around town.

Before the internet, mobile phones etc, mates would just turn up at your house to see if you wanted to hang out. One day, two of my besties turned up to drag me out of the house, to which I took as an opportunity to show off my new pair of AJs. Unbeknownst to me, they had planned to do our GCSE coursework that day – which involved measuring the speed of river flow.

Clearly, I wasn’t having any part of that and said, if they wanted to get into the river, I will happily stand on the bank and write down the measurements. This worked out well for us, till the final reading of the day to which we had to traipse through a field full of cowpats to get to – I was treading as if I was traversing through a minefield.

When it was done, the two lads started hurtling across the field, yelling for me to follow them as quickly whilst laughing hysterically – of course, i was not falling for that. It was when they dived over the fence and started screaming with more urgency and pointing to my right that i realised something was amiss. Turning my head, i could see from the far side of the field, what looked like a wild eyed demon horse charging towards me with a full herd of friesian cows behind it – a full on stampede was heading my way... I ran for my life. Suffice to say, i must’ve hit every single manure bomb along the way.

When I got home, I frantically tried to clean my new shoes, but to no avail and they were permanently stained green. I never wore them again and ended up giving them away

What’s your favourite pair in your collection? 

It should be my Fire Red 5s (2020), but I am a sucker for the colour purple so I cant decide if its the Canyon Purple 4s or the Dark Iris 3s right now. Although, I do have affection for my Curry Phat Low Ones due to their rarity and style.

What pair do you wish would drop again? 

Not that bothered to be honest. OGs are great……..when they are OG.

What is your favourite ShoeStack product and why? 

The sound activated LED stacks – the option of cool or warm light is a nice touch and the ability to connect on top with one plug is a good move too.  

What’s your favourite sneaker brand and silhouette? 

Clearly the Air Jordan collection for me and I’m a big fan of the 3s, 4s and 5s 

What would be your dream sneaker collaboration? 

Almost everything I wear, whether for the office or casual happens to be Hugo Boss. No idea how a collab with AJs would actually or ever work – but that would suit me fine.

Pair of the year so far? 

Has to be the Canyon Purple 4s for the quality and unusual nature of the material. 

Do you have a sneaker pet peeve? 

I don’t think i am that emotionally attached that something about a pair of sneakers would ruin my day.

What’s next for you on your sneaker journey? Anything upcoming you want to tell us about before you go? 

I need to offload some of my collection to make room for any more additions, as i simply have no more room – so unless something significant releases, I will be quiet on the new additions front.

Saying that – the Chicago 1s and 2s are due out later this year aren’t they 🙂 

As aforementioned, I have the Lego shoe to show you guys soon – think I need to get one more LED stack to house them in.

You can check out more from @snkr_lok on Instagram here:

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