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Shoe Storage Box

shoestack stand - sneakerness london event

Welcome back to the ShoeStack events blog series. In this edition, we revisit our debut at Sneakerness in London. Over 7,000 people gathered at The Truman Brewery for this premium sneaker, fashion, and lifestyle event hosted by The Evening Standard. The Launch Party Our team was privileged to join just […]

Welcome to ShoeStack’s event blog, where we share our exciting experiences at various sneaker conventions throughout the year. Sneaker festivals provide a space for vendors and attendees to immerse themselves in a vibrant marketplace, showcasing and acquiring some of the most sought-after footwear in the game! Join us as we […]

If you’re a sneakerhead or just someone who takes pride in their shoe collection, you know the importance of not only keeping your shoes organized but also finding a way to display them that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. While there are various ways to store your shoes, such […]

acrylic shoe boxes with airmax ones

Overall, drop front shoe boxes are a convenient and effective way to store and protect your shoes, and can help keep your closet or storage area organized and clutter-free. Here at ShoeStack we offer an ever expanding range of shoe storage, from our classic clear or black, front or side […]


We are very happy to announce our brand new VOICE Activated Shoe Boxes! The boxes have 3 different settings (ON, OFF & AUTO) on the AUTO setting the boxes will automatically switch on when sound is detected. There are also 2 different Light Brightness Available. Each Packcontains x2 boxes of […]

Drop Front Shoe Box

Have you decided to upgrade your sneaker storage? Cant Decide between drop front and drop side? We have the solution for you! We have detailed reviews for both boxes below so please be sure to check those out before you read on! As you can tell from the video we […]

ShoeStack was created to help you solve the problem we first faced when starting this company! How to store your beloved shoe collection and protect them from dust, dirt and pet hairs while still displaying them in style and having them easily accesible to quickly grab and wear. Look no […]

sneaker storage box ShoeStack Clear Side Drop x2

You don’t have to be a sneakerhead, hypebeast or OG collector, to understand that your kick game is more than just shoes. Every shoe has a history, story and an emotion attached to it. It’s only right then to think of your sneakers almost as a piece of art that […]