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Drop Front Shoe Box or Drop Side?

Have you decided to upgrade your sneaker storage? Cant Decide between drop front and drop side? We have the solution for you! We have detailed reviews for both boxes below so please be sure to check those out before you read on!

As you can tell from the video we have the best quality shoe boxes on the market, and we also offer a very competitive multi buy pricing structure! Now the question is which boxes to go for, Front Drop:

Or Side Drop:

As you can see from the product shots and the videos above both boxes have the same dimensions and can fit upto size UK13 shoes! Including Hightops such as Jordans! We also have some examples of Size UK14 Jordan 3s fitting within our boxes! We always recommend checking out the dimensions and measuring your space or trying out both styles as they both work really well together. Drop Front Boxes allow you to store more shoes in less space but the drop side boxes show of the shoe a lot better!

Drop Front Shoe Box
ShoeStack drop front shoe box

Thanks for taking the time to read about our shoe crates, if you would like to know anything else please do not hesitate to get in touch! We currently offer free UK Postage!

Bernardo Redzic


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